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Just Homeit is a complete path. We will start with an interview, a series of questions, aimed at understanding your needs and requirements and helping you in the final realization of your home.

It is a specific program that I developed during my experience as an architect. It is a process that is made up of precise phases, guaranteed by a certified method.


Interior design consultancy

  Phase 1: Interview  

This interview is used to get to know us and discover your tastes and needs. I'll ask you no less than 20 questions relating to functional and aesthetic aspects, to all your particular needs and to the available budget.

We can consider this phase as the most important of the whole process since it is here that we collect all the information that will help us define your new future home.

This is a very important step that is needed to discuss the goals you would like to achieve, to find out what your specific needs are and to understand what style could be suitable for your future home. This phase is necessary because the project we will carry out will be  customized based on your needs.If you have furniture to reuse or other particular problems, this is the right time to tell me about them.


  Phase 2: Let's get started  



  • We'll talk by phone or videoconference to discuss goals, fully understand your specific needs and agree on the style to give to your home.


Measurements and plans

  • You must know the correct measurements of the environment in question. Preferably in .dwg or .pdf format. If you don't have them available and you are physically far from my office, I suggest you call a surveyor or a survey technician. If you need me to do it, just let me know by making an appointment.
    I want to clarify that, in this case, a cadastral plan or a plan not listed in the details are not suitable. 
    A survey is needed, possibly in .dwg format, accompanied by heights, both of the floors and of the windows.


Having the correct measurements is important for two reasons:

  1. to avoid making mistakes: a project that starts from a wrong survey can lead to gross errors of evaluation;

  2. in order to calculate the amount of the precise works to be submitted to the company for economic evaluation.


 Phase 3: your project takes shape 

This phase for me is the most interesting. Based on the briefing, I will create a customized project of your spaces for you in two versions. It is an important process because you will be able to compare two different distributions and evaluate interior ideas that you may have never thought of before.

This phase will be accompanied by some images with interior inspirations similar to your chosen style, which may be in line with your taste. It's about amood boards,that is, a collection of images that you need to show you the concept of your project in a visual format.


 Phase 4: IdentiKit 

I particularly care about this phase. Here we are it's time forIdentikit.A questionnaire full of details. In this phase we will enter the mood of the project. You will have to tell me what you like or what you really don't want in your home. The identikit is also a very useful tool for dealing with other family members. If there are other people involved in the project, husbands, wives, partners, children, etc. this is the right occasion to talk about it together and discover everyone's tastes.


 Step 5: Enter the house 

This is the last phase of the project. Once thedinternal distribution and having delivered the identikit, we quickly move on to the study of materials and colors.

For years I have heard the question: "but how will it come?". That's why I'm going to make 3D photographic images that I'm going to design. This will allow you to understand at a glance what the aesthetics of the design solution we have built together will be.

At this point you will receive a book containing the images of your project and all thedirections to help you make it happen.

Then, of course, you can make all the reasoning and considerations you want; I will be there from start to finish.

What I just explained to you is a real  path, the absolute best in terms of customer satisfaction.

I know, it's very difficult to imagine what your home will be like.

Look at this picture, can you understand, combinations of colors, materials and fabrics in detail?

missing u

This however is an image of the project that you will receive from me if you request acomplete project.

  Phase 6: Implementation  

At this point, you can decide how to go on: you can continue independently, or choose to have me assist you in the implementation as well.

With theproject booksyou will be able to have all the information to make your home on your own if you have a reference furniture factory or a company to which you are particularly attached.


If, on the other hand, you don't know who to trust, don't worry, I've created one for younetwork of reliable and professional companies and furniture factorieswho will be able to accompany you in the realization of your project.

You will also receive a benefit code and a list of partner companies in your area

You will be able to choose from severalshowrooms and key companiesin handthat will provide you with everything you need to Create and Realize your home.

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