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Victoria Loft, welcome to your home.

It was 1980 when my father, a firefighter, left for Irpinia hit by the earthquake. Returning from such an intense experience, he decided to buy a steel building in an old disused quarry and to make it a safe place for our family.

Victoria Loft was born like this, from a simple intuition.

A year ago I started sharing creative design and architecture content on my social profiles. In a short time, a community of people, often unknown, passionate and curious, was created around me, who asked me for advice, ideas and solutions for their homes.

It was exciting, but something was missing… Then, during a trip to Singapore, the idea came: why not make my home an open space?

A place to share my passion and talk about a world, that of design, too often only known by insiders.

Victoria Loft is a real and digital space that brings quality design closer to people. In the green hills of the Marche region, I offer my sincere and honest point of view. I was accompanied in this stimulating experience full of surprises by a team of young professionals who, in Victoria Loft, have found space to give shape to interesting innovative projects.

If you are looking for your ideal home, follow me. I will help you find it.

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